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Along the way on this road I travel, I’ve always been amazed the process of collaboration. The coming together of the minds to convey a message or express an emotion. There’s nothing more satisfying to me than delivering a project but more exciting is the constant shape shift that takes place during the process. Collaboration, an amazing language that brings the most interesting people together to tear shit up creatively.

I hope that this reel expresses my love and joy for collaborating with artist, with or without budget, one purpose in mind, visual expression.

Current Music Video Directing+Editing Reel

I love cutting my reels, it reminds me of how far I’ve come along through out the years. It’s always a time where I can remember those unique behind the scene moments that happens as you’re shooting or cutting. It’s also a great way to map progression. I hope you enjoy my latest Music Video Directing+Editing Reel.

Current Creative Editing Reel

You get booked. You get creative decks. Meetings, forward e-mails, assemblies, client reviews… notes, NOTES, NOTES AND THEN MORE NOTES. Version one through 5! Lock the edit, send to color, mixer, GFX, and online that bad boy. Get client delivery specs and versions, and on to the next one. It is with great love and pride that I present my latest editorial reel. It’s a true testament for love of craft and all the wild roads I’ve taken to get to this point in my career. I hope you enjoy!

Call me crazy but HELL YEAH! I love every single thing about it, the ups, the downs, the stress, the long hours, the misunderstandings, the deliveries, everything from one point to the other. From the moments of initial excitement to those not so exciting moments.

Broadcast Sports Editing Reel

In this reel, you can see my love for sport and editorial, I was fortunate enough to have worked with the Los Angeles Lakers, LA Galaxy, and LA Dodgers. It was such a wonderful year to make packages for Nash on his retirement announcement. One for Kobe’s record breaking night and one for his long good bye in Philadelphia. Throughout my work, I was able to witness some very magical moment in various sports with a great supporting team in my TWC family.
I love sports, the competition. The power of pushing the limits of reality and letting moments in time turn into something unforgettable. The will to be great. Sports it’s poetry and reading never gets old, things don’t often repeat themselves and every moment can become greatness and in that greatness, it gives people who witness it a unique narrative to the same event. Through the editorial, you have a chance to tell those stories.

With that being said, Sports Broadcast Television from an editorial perspective is pure madness! Non stop editorial where pressure, speed, comprehension all come crashing together, add a strict show time that can’t me missed, NO MATTER WHAT! While this may sound and has been pitched as a chaotic environment: it feels like heaven! I appreciate the opportunity to overcome pressure, respect the power of communication among colleagues, and if anything goes wrong, RESOLVE IT!

narrative directing | editing reel

I love writing and it was my first passion in film.  If I’m being honest, writing is what started this whole thing a long time ago. It start with a script and because no one would shoot it, I had to do it and because no one would edit it, I had to do it. Fast forward to present time and my love for narrative continues to influence my work.

In this reel, you will find scenes from the short films and content I’ve directed along the way.

Narrative Directing and Editorial Reel from Marcos de la Torre on Vimeo.


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