Taking a track and working with an artist to create a music video is such an addictive experience. It’s amazing in many parts through many phases. I love scheming shots to cut to beats that make heads bop and ride out to the visual experience. Never fails.

I remember the first time I walked onto a music video set. It was orchestrated magic. That feeling continues to be true till this very day. To be able to communicate your vision to various department heads and watch it all go down is exciting. Because I direct and edit, the fun continues on to the post production process where it all leads to release. This level of collaboration with the artist tends to lead to repeated collaboration where the creative process only continues to evolve.

This is my first edit for 2019, I was able to work with artist Crystal Joilena to elevate a cut that was assumed DOA. After carefully reviewing the cut, I came up with a scheme that would go with the initial concept and elevate the presentation of the final product. Credit: Editor

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