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Here’s a little bit of insight of the latest projects.

flashpaper app launch trailer

In this fun filled project, I bring you a little more than editorial, my creative direction background was kicked into full gear with this one. Full creative and development, I had the GFX and Animation support of Curtis Kent and Bogdan Ciornei. It was a unique process in the fact that we took a branded content film and turned it into a full blown movie trailer for an application that’s just amazing.


I had the privilege to work with the wonderful people over at Madison+Vine for this project, the overall project was to create all the video backgrounds for Lady Gaga’s 2017 Coachella Set, delivering 12k dimensions as single pieces and in groups of 3 for each film. Jarod Shannon and Directors Ruth and Andre (who are both amazingly great to work with) locked themselves in a room with hours of dailies, stringouts, and SFX elements, to come out with this edited piece. Eddy P. Delmont handled the post production and brought together a group of some of the best GFX artists and editors in town to bring it all home not as individuals but collective collaborating. It was truly refreshing . Watching the reaction from the audience was priceless. A big shout to the Madison+Vine team, Sonic Pool, and Bustelo for providing the pick me up on the long nights of work.

RocNation+Verizon Sizzle.

Let me just say this, there’s nothing more liberating than cutting a sizzle reel for a campaign because of the creative depth it takes. I worked on this project with the great director Jonny Zeller at Bubba’s Chop Shop in Burbank. The concept, to ignite passion and unite people hungry for change and improvement.

OPI Nails featuring Hannah Bronfman.

This was an excellent project to work on with some amazing artist in Raphael and Jean at Blacksmith Productions. I have the utmost respect for the way these guys get down and cutting this piece was an organic and fluid experience. Not to mention Raphael’s espresso machine that kept the boat in motion during the cut.


I loved working on this project, anytime you can create with various pop culture elements and assets to portray a message, it’s a fun cut. I cut this project over at Coyote Post, home to some great editors and some of my favorite colorists in town.

McDonalds McCafe Spot.

This was another great project to work on with Jonny Zeller along with the creative team behind the project. It was actually a different approach to process, as I was on set at the McDonalds studio in City of Industry prepping the edit and organizing media. By the time we wrapped on production, I had a rough cut of the spot, three days later it was a wrap wrap. I cut this project over at Bubba’s Chop Shop in Burbank.


This was a fun one to work on, branded content editorial work is always a good time for me, I love narrative and story based content. I worked on this project with JR over at Mitú Network. I worked with Mariam Zerehi whom was sharp as razor, great producer!

Stay tuned for more and reached out to collaborate. Good energy leads to forward progress.

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